Timing Belt Service to Save Big Bucks in Batavia

December 31, 2015

Your engine is like a finely choreographed dance. All the parts have to work together. If the timing is off at the ballet, dancers crash into each other and fall down. It the timing is off in your engine, it may not run at all. One of the most intricate dances in your engine, has to ... More

Fuel Injection Basics For Batavia

December 24, 2015

All modern Batavia vehicles come with fuel injection systems, so its a topic Batavia drivers need to know something about. The mighty fuel injector is a valve that delivers the gas or diesel fuel to the right place, in the right amount, at the right time; to be mixed with air and bur... More

Wheel Balancing at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Batavia

December 17, 2015

So you love your job, and your family life is great. Congratulations! You have achieved balance. But can you say the same for your wheels? Batavia auto owners can tell if their tires are out of balance by vibrations at higher speeds on Illinois interstates. If one of the front tire... More

Blind Spot Safety For Batavia Driving

December 10, 2015

Blind spots may be a good thing when it comes to a spouses annoying habits, but when driving an automobile in Batavia, they are definitely to be avoided. So, while its not good marital advice, its good auto advice to minimize your own blind spots and stay out of other Batavia moto... More

Charge It In Batavia For Extended Battery Life

December 5, 2015

Here's an interesting statistic for our motorists in Batavia, Illinois: Only thirty percent of car batteries make it to forty-eight months. And the life expectancy varies by where you live. It ranges from fifty-one months in extremely cold areas to just thirty months in extremely hot... More