Picking the Right Tires in Batavia

March 29, 2020

Shopping for tires in Batavia can be bewildering because there are many choices. Let's simplify. There are four main classifications of tires, each designed for different purposes.First off, there are summer tires. Those who buy summer tires in Batavia are looking for maximum summertime performa... More

Not a Good Vibe (Driveshaft Failure)

March 22, 2020

When you feel your vehicle vibrating as you're driving down the road, one cause could be something you may not have ever seen: your driveshaft. It is underneath the vehicle and most drivers don't climb under there to take a look very often. The driveshaft is a cylindrical part that helps conduc... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Batavia: Where Should New Tires Be Placed

March 15, 2020

When Batavia drivers need to replace tires, they need to know how many they should get and on which axle they should be placed. Replacing a damaged tire may leave you with three others with significant wear, which could affect your traction control, stability control and anti-lock brake systems.I... More

Chilly Warning (Diagnosing a Noise in Cold Vehicle)

March 8, 2020

When the weather gets colder, sometimes the noises your vehicle makes will change. For example, you may notice a whining sound when you get going in the morning. It may go away when the vehicle warms up, but it's best not to ignore that sound because it could be a warning of worse things to com... More

Good Service at Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Batavia Equals Good Fuel Economy in Batavia

March 1, 2020

Whether we're trying to save money, save gas or save the environment, most of us Batavia drivers have an interest in decreasing fuel consumption. We've all heard about ways to save money on gas in Illinois, but does it really add up to much? How much can we boost our fuel economy through preventi... More