Your Well Trained Technician At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Batavia

March 28, 2015

When your SUV has a problem, or just needs some routine service, you might get a little nervous. Your cars so important to your life in Batavia, you need to back on the road as soon as possible with the problem fixed right the first time. If youve ever checked into some of the tech... More

Air Conditioning Maintenance At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Batavia In Batavia

March 19, 2015

Warm weather or cold, Batavia drivers still need to think about their SUVs air conditioning. Most Batavia people dont service their air conditioning until after it fails. At Tuffy Tire & Auto Service Batavia, we can advise you on your 's preventive maintenance schedules for air cond... More

ICE - In Case Of Emergency In Batavia Illinois

March 11, 2015

When accidents occur in Batavia, Illinois, the victims' emergency contacts are extremely important. Too often, those involved aren't able to provide rescuers with phone numbers and important medical information. When Illinois police and rescue workers must sift through pockets, glove ... More

Can Car Scent Keep You Safe On Illinois Roads?

March 6, 2015

Here's a travel tip that'll I'll bet you didn't know, and, it might keep you safer... The average American commuter in Illinois spends two and a half hours daily in their car. The government says a hundred thousand auto accidents yearly are caused by drivers who fall asleep at the wh... More